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The Future of Vehicle Customization



FantomView was originally conceived as a tool to help our own customers: DIY garage builders. 


We had a complicated product - a modular motorcycle kit with tons of components and options - and needed a better way for our online customers to select and configure their parts and accessories. We also spent a lot of time on tech support, helping people who were sometimes very inexperienced with bike building and customization.


One day, a guy came into the shop for a new seat for his cafe racer. We showed him everything we had on the shelves, even offered to make him something custom, but he couldn't be convinced. Before he left, he said, "I just wish I could see it on my bike before I buy it." We had heard that comment before, so we started experimenting with augmented reality for product visualization.


To develop and test our FantomView prototype, we created the world's first custom bike built with AR - the tenth anniversary edition of our legendary CS-1 Cafe Racer. We're now focused on building FantomView into a fully-featured AR platform for the automotive and powersports industries, with individually tailored solutions for dealerships, manufacturers, and retailers.

FantomView uses AI to precisely place virtual parts and accessories on real-life vehicles.

Parts simply snap into place and can be viewed from any angle. Color and finish options can be customized on-the-fly.


  • Each part and accessory in the FantomView catalog has a unique QR code.

  • Retailers display the QR code on the product pages of their websites.

  • Use the QR to open the app on your phone or tablet.

  • Put your vehicle in the field of view and FantomView will "install" the part, ready to be configured.


Augmented reality, purpose-built for automotive and powersports.

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