Invest in the Future of Motorcycles + AR

Since 2010, Ryca Motors has manufactured the world’s greatest motorcycle kits. Now, we’re using the massive potential of Augmented Reality to revolutionize the powersports aftermarket industry.

VIDEO: Ryca Motors and the Future of Motorcycles + AR


Reasons to invest

Our patent pending technology is implementing AR into the industry in a way never before seen.

Our team has a long history in both motorcycles and augmented reality. Ryca has been featured on Jay Leno's Garage, Popular Mechanics, and LA Times.

We're building a tier-priced subscription service for the multi-billion dollar powersports industry. Our customer groups include dealerships, retailers, and manufacturers.

Why Augmented Reality?

AR takes the guesswork out of shopping for OEM and aftermarket parts because you can see exactly how they're going to fit and how they're going to look before you buy them.
  • Test out different color and finish options in real time.


  • See exploded views and installation instructions.


  • Use x-ray vision to detect clearance issues.


  • Retailers can use AR for sales and marketing.


  • Manufacturers can use AR for design and prototyping.


  • Dealerships can use AR to create amazing showroom displays.


An opportunity to invest in Ryca Motors

 Our CS-1 Cafe Racer Kit took the motorcycle industry by storm and sparked the imagination of garage builders around the world. We’re unveiling the 10th Anniversary model on StartEngine, with 5 limited edition kits available as perks to investors who want to build their own custom bike using AR!  


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