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    RYCA RR-1 Bobber

The RR-1 is a fresh new take on an iconic motorcycle style, forged from the engine and chassis of the Suzuki S40. The bolt-on tail assembly and custom kit components are seamlessly integrated into the classic lines of a hard tail bobber, maximizing every advantage of the 650cc air-cooled thumper and resulting in a bike that's fun to build and a blast to ride.

The bobber was designed by Ryan Rajewski in Los Angeles. Ryan studied automobile design and is the co-founder of Ryca Motors. Here's what he says about the bike:

"In my opinion, if it's going to be called a bobber it has to have a hard tail, so I set out to create a rear frame section that flowed seamlessly with the original. Once the shock towers are removed, the Savage/S40 frame is ideal for a hard tail design, and I used the solid factory mounting points to create the fully bolt-on tail section. This design lowers the bike 2 inches and stretches the wheelbase over 3 inches for that long, low and lean look. I then created a false oil tank to house the electronics. I also added a hinged solo seat with chrome springs hidden between the frame rails and topped it off with a classic old-school peanut tank. Lastly, I created a shorty header pipe that follows the lines of the engine and frame.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the final result -- simply a modern interpretation of a timeless, classic design. The RR-1 is surprisingly comfortable as well. With adjustable seating position and our optional oversized tires, this monster is ready to turn heads on your next cruise night."

Bobber Kit

100% bolt-on with no welding required.

Everything you need to build a bobber.

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