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RYCA CS-2 Standard Kit
Build your own custom motorcycle with a RYCA CS-2 standard and scrambler kit. The bolt-on parts are designed specifically for the Suzuki S40 / Savage. Since no welding or fabrication is required, the project can be completed with basic tools and skills. You can customize your options, add accessories, and calculate the price of your kit at the RYCA Online Store. (Parts can also be purchased individually.)

Two-up seat assembly, upholstery, and hardware.
The seat hinges at the front, allowing access to the battery and storage compartment via two hidden aircraft latches.
Custom battery box. Doubles as mounting point for electronic components.   Foot peg mounting bracket and hardware.
Fully adjustable, machined aluminum foot controls.   Low profile fuel tank.
Front fender.   Rear fender.
Lucas style tail light / license plate mount.   Keyswitch / indicator panel.
Custom fiberglass side covers (unpainted).   Reverse cone muffler.
Shocks with adjustable pre-load. Available in black or chrome.   Tank mounting bracket.
18" aluminum rear rim with stainless spokes.   Cone filter.
Sidestand re-location mount.   Belt / chain guard.
Chromed exhaust adapter.   Front end lowering kit with tool and aluminum spacers.
Sidestand brace.   Jet Set with a selection of main and pilot jets for carb tuning.
Super bars.   Gran Turismo style grips.
All required mounting hardware. Stainless brake and shift linkages. Motor mount bolts.   Decompression thumb lever.
Mini tachometer and speedometer with mounting brackets.   High performance front brake line.
Foot actuated decompression linkage (replaces thumb lever). Swingarm mod.
Kenda K671 front and rear tires. Turn signals.
Progressive® fork springs. Fork boots.
Muffler pack mod. 18" aluminum front rim with stainless spokes.
Brake shoes. Brake pads.
Kenda K761 dual sport tires (front and rear). Chain conversion kit.

RYCA CS-2/s Scrambler Kit Package
The CS-2/s package turns your CS-2 into a classic scrambler, with the addition of a custom exhaust header and heat shield, Kenda dual sport tires, and modified side covers. You can place a pre-order for a CS-2/s at the RYCA Online Store.

Custom exhaust header. Heat shield.
Kenda K761 dual sport tires (front and rear). Modified side cover bracket.

Tank and rear wheel:
We create your CS-1 tank and rear wheel assembly from the stock tank and rear hub of your Suzuki S40/Savage donor bike. As part of the purchase price of a kit, you must supply us with your tank and hub. More details here.

The fuel tank, fenders, and sidecovers of your kit come UNPAINTED. You can have your paint done locally or paint the parts yourself. We'll have some DIY paint videos posted soon!

Here's a few good reasons to have your paint done locally:
1. The paint is easily damaged in shipping. 2. You'll want to do some test fitting of your unpainted kit parts before final assembly. It's much easier without worrying about scratching new paint. 3. You can have your parts painted locally for a better price than we could paint them for you. 4. Having your paint done locally allows you to see the actual color in person, color match your parts correctly, and have a custom paint job done to your specs. Check out the Customer Builds section of the website to get some ideas.

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