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    RYCA CS-1 Cafe Racer

The CS-1 is a 650cc, air-cooled, single cylinder cafe racer designed to be lightweight, reliable, and fuel efficient for urban commuting. The engine and chassis components are sourced from the unsung hero of the thumper world: the venerable Suzuki S40. You can build your own CS-1 with a custom kit available from RYCA.

The bike was designed by Casey Stevenson in Los Angeles. Formerly a NASA engineer, he traded a super cushy desk job for the chance to build motorcycles. Here's what he says about the bike:

"I was in the market for a new motorcycle and wanted a lightweight thumper to get around the streets of L.A. I quickly discovered the lack of available options, so I started working on a new design. I was imagining a motorcycle with a Japanese engine and classic cafe styling, but more sleek and modern than the single cylinder customs based on old bikes that are popular at the moment.

I discovered my ultimate thumper cafe racer hidden inside a bike known as the Suzuki S40 (aka the Savage). They have been around for over 20 years and are still available brand new. The custom parts and accessories were designed to avoid any major modifications to the frame or engine, which allows anyone with basic tools to build their own bike from kit components. The end result is a machine that is simple, fun, and affordable."
  Cafe Racer Kit

100% bolt-on with no welding required.

Everything you need to build a cafe racer.

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